As it turned out, i had a crash today. I lost control of speed, bumped into the curb, then flew high over into the rice field, landed on soft muddy earth, ruined the debut of hippo's new beach scooter.

Luckily, my glasses were safe and sound, and water in the deserted field tastes a bit salty; but WTF, the jeans got saturated with mud of fresh earthy fragrance. My head was intact, a mighty blessing, i thought, but my butt is swollen now, and it's burning aching, as well as the right part of my body, which feels like strained. Pains are surfacing. 

Not sure how many narrow escapes as such have i had so far. It was just like having a dream, when i was thrown up, fell, then lay on the ground surprised to find that i was still alive. Finally i'm alone and have the time to recollect myself, i felt a strong desire to talk to my past grandparents to thank them for protecting me through all these misfortunes. Suddenly in an moment i recognized how much i am in debt to them, and how much i miss them. 

Thanks, and sorry. 

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  • freespiritstw
  • 並沒有因為夏天到了而胃口稍稍不好一點嗎?持續爬山過程中應該可以瘦一下鮪魚肚。
  • muckie
  • 結果今天連車帶人摔到田裡去 應該夠我回味了吧...不知道第幾次的雷禪生死一線間(菸)
  • okamizero
  • 你是打算趕快把車摔壞換一台嗎= =?
  • 這次摔的是沙灘車....

    muckie 於 2010/07/27 21:05 回覆

  • okamizero
  • 嘖嘖.....越玩越大,該不會體型也越來越大吧= =?
  • 張
  • 你還是小心點 阿公阿嬤可能也要放暑假的
  • b
  • 哇靠
  • 是啊 今年我跟交通工具很不合

    muckie 於 2010/08/18 09:52 回覆